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At Cornerstone, we use something called “Life Stage Adult Bible Classes.”  The phrase “Adult Bible Class” simply means an adult class that studies and teaches the Bible. So where does “Life Stage” fit in and what does it mean?  We see a “Life Stage” as a period of time or place in a person’s life where one or many circumstances are true for many or all people in that life stage.  For example, at Cornerstone, we have a lot of young adults in College, transitioning from High School to their career.  This is a Life Stage!  Nearly every young adult in this Life Stage is going through some of the same challenges and pressures every day.  So, we provide an Adult Bible Class specifically for this group of people.  In it, they learn principles from the Bible about living life in their current life stage. There are many other examples that fit into this same mold – young couples, couples with young children, couples with kids in college, couples who are transitioning from having kids living at home to having adult children (empty nesters), divorced or single parents, seniors, widows, etc… We also offer General Bible classes for those who just want to be firmly grounded in Bible doctrine and teaching and don’t desire to be in a specific Life Stage Adult Bible Class. We believe it is VITAL to know what the Bible says about living life in your Life Stage!  We also believe it is the New Testament way to build connection and to live the Christian life together.  Adult Bible Classes organized by Life Stage allow you to grow in grace, God’s Word, love, service, and connection with other believers.

Listed below are the current Adult Bible Classes we offer and we want to invite you to enroll in one today.  All classes meet at 9:45 AM on Sunday mornings.  We’re praying that we’ll see you there!

New Members Class


 Held Quarterly – 4 week duration

All NEW members encouraged to attend

Pastor Chris Yager

College and Career


College Age

Transition from High School to Career

Jake Gentry


College Age

Transition from High School to Career

Jake Gentry



Newlyweds and Young Families with

children through elementary school

Pastor Chris Yager


Young Families with children in

elementary through high school

Pastor Jon Lasley

Mature Adults


Adults with adult children

Pat Osika

Senior Adults


 Mixed Senior Adults

Matt Anderton

Special Needs


 Adults with Special Needs

Sandy Jeans




Helene Saldana


Senior Ladies

Nell Osmon 



Mixed Adults

Joe Warford


Mixed Adults

Bill Maloney


One-to-One OR Couple-to-Couple

Personal Discipleship

Group or Class-Style Discipleship

DeeDee Yager and Pastor Jon Lasley

Discipleship Next-Steps

Matt Anderton and Pat Osika

Personal Counseling

Pastoral Counseling

Pastor Staff

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