Camp Week!

Summer Camps

This week our Teens and Juniors are off to Summer Camp!  Please be in prayer for the over 40 teens and sponsors that will be traveling and for the 15 juniors and sponsors that will be heading up to camp Cobeac.  This week of camp is a perfect opportunity to make a huge spiritual impact on all who are attending.  They have sacrificed a week of their summer, paid money to separate themselves from the world and it’s temptations and entertainment, and leave all the comforts of home to be under preaching multiple times each day!

Please pray!  Pray for Johnny Pope as he preaches to our teens.  Pray for Joe Vaughn as he preaches to our juniors.  Pray for safety and protection of each vehicle as they travel.  Pray for each individual’s health and safety.  Pray for each heart to be soft and tender to the Holy Spirit as He speaks to them throughout the week.   Pray for God to not only used this time to revive the hearts of our young people, but for their spark to ignite revival in His church.  We’re looking forward to hearing about what God has done in hearts when the kids return at the end of the week.

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