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Cubbies is a two year program for children in the preschool years! The Cubbies program believes that:

a) Young children can and should receive spiritual training &

b) Parents are the main source of their child’s spiritual education and we’ll work to support the parents by encouraging them to work directly with their child on the weekly handbook lessons.

A regular night of Cubbies consists of:

Coming In time:  The child is greeted by a leader and says his or her verse for the week. They will then work on either puzzles, have fun with play dough, or a complete a group-wide craft.

Pledges / Songs:  Cubbies learn and recite the pledges to the American Flag, Awana Flag, and the pledge to the Bible. We then sing the Cubbie Song, as well as others such as the ABCDEFG song, the Creation song, etc.

Puppet Time:  Cubbie and his friends come to see the children each and every week. During this time the puppets will share their adventures with the kids by telling a story from their perspective that will go along with the lesson in Story Time.

Play time:  The leaders and children head to the gymnasium for fun with Game Director, Scott Stap.

Story time:  Before beginning the lesson, children get ready for the story by settling down on the floor and having prayer. The Cubbies director will then present an age-appropriate lesson using Large Flannel Graphs.

Snack & Going home time:  Clubbers will eat a snack while the leaders address everything that we have learned throughout the night. Parents will then come to pick up their child.

For Cubbies, we use Total Teaching Time (TTT) which reinforces the Biblical lesson for that week by coordinating all the activities of a cubbies club meeting around that principle. For example: During one of the weeks Cubbies will learn about the first day of Creation. For Story Time they will hear about God creating the first day and night from Genesis 1:1-5, while during Puppet Time they will laugh as Cubbie Bear tries to “create” a box out of wood. During snack time they will have a white cream filled chocolate cookie to symbolize the Night and Day, and during Play Time, will enjoy a game called “Day and Night”. This helps to ensure the Cubbies come away better understanding the biblical principle taught that night!

 Cubbie Motto – Jesus Loves Me

Cubbie Key Verse: God Loved Us and Sent His Son 1 John 4:10

 AAll have sinned Romans 3:23

C: While we were … sinners (Christ died for us) Roman 5:8


 Cubbies Director

Hannah Crimm


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