Family Builders


The Family Builders Adult Bible Class is designed to minister to newlyweds and families with young children. We strive to encourage and inspire spiritual growth and development of the 

families in our class through Biblical teaching, fellowshipping, and learning from each other. The Bible outlines different responsibilities and roles for members of the family. Our Adult Bible Class studies these roles and discusses ways to better serve our families.

We’re currently studying “Building Blocks for the Home”.  Every home is built upon upon something… common interests, best friends, a desire for a family, acceptance, etc. But all too often, the foundation that our homes and marriages are built upon seems to be more and more unstable. Marriages and homes are breaking apart at an alarming rate, and families are walking away with fewer answers. There is a foundation that you can build upon that has been proven to be stable… that foundation is Jesus Christ. Come! Learn! Establish your family upon tried and true principles that will solidify your family through any storm that you will face in life. Discover the “Building Blocks for the Home” that can help you make sure that you are building your family on a strong foundation.

Sundays @ 9:45AM in Room C3/C4


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