Happy Mother’s Day

There are very few things in life that come close to rivaling the place of our moms in our hearts.  Jobs and life may cause us to have to move away from our moms, but there is no distance that can affect the love and admiration that  we have for them.  Our own spouse and children may fill our time and attention, but that special place of mom cannot be transferred to another.

Mom’s place is so ingrained and special that grown men on TV don’t say, “Hi honey” or “hey kids” until they have first said “Hi mom!”  When mom calls and needs something, we rearrange plans for her, knowing this is the least we can do for her.  When mom hurts, we hurt, because we know she has hurt for us.  And no matter how long ago a mom has gone on into eternity, our hearts still weep for her loss.

There is no other person in life like mom.  Ladies, you hold the most revered office in all the earth.  You are loved more than words can say!  Thank you for being a mother that points her children and home to Heaven.  Thank you for giving of yourself so sacrificially to us.  We love you Mom!

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