“The patriot’s blood is the seed of Freedom’s tree.”    T.  Campbell

Liberty! There are very few ideals that are as priceless as liberty.  It has not, nor can it ever be purchased or provided to a people or individual without the cost of another’s blood.  For the cause of American freedom, millions of men and women, young and old have sacrificed their lives.   Their blood has painted red the greenest of fields and the whitest of the ocean’s foam.  As one 19th century American poet said, “Life hangs as nothing in the scale against dear liberty!” 

Because the cost of liberty is the life and blood of America’s finest patriots, remembering their sacrifice for the priceless gift of freedom is the least we can do.  We are free today, because they were willing to pay that price.  Let us honor their action by guarding this precious gift!  Let us not become so familiar with liberty that we take it for granted by willingly surrendering it back to those who would place us in bondage again.  America is the envy of the world for the liberty she offers her citizens, and many of this world’s citizens have left everything to experience the liberty that we have become indifferent towards.

Let us again remember the great price of liberty.  Let us understand that liberty lost is not easily reclaimed.  For over 225 years Freedom’s tree has been watered and protected by those who have understood its cost, and have given their lives in defense of its ideal.  May we stand guard of the priceless gift of liberty, so that liberty is not lost in our day! Remember!

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