I Love You

“For God so loved…” John 3:16

I love you!  These are three words that every individual longs to hear.  No matter your personality or prowess, we all have been created with an innate desire to be loved.    Depression, frustration, and many hurts in life are a result of not feeling loved.  There is no greater gift that we can give to someone else than our love.  On Valentine’s Day, we strive to “give” that gift of love with cards, chocolate and flowers, because we recognize that love has to be more than said… it must be demonstrated!

The Cross of Jesus Christ is the greatest gift of love that ever could be given.  It is the Father’s “valentine” to man. It was in this sacrificial act that Jesus Christ not only stated His love for you and I, but demonstrated it.  The Father so loved us that He willingly gave His Son’s life for ours.  What love!  As the song writer said, “How deep the Father’s love for us; how vast beyond all measure that He should give His only Son to make a wretch His treasure.”

Each time the cross is presented, we hear God say as a Father to His child, I love you so much!  You don’t ever have to wonder if you are loved.  You don’t ever have to struggle with the depression and hurt that accompanies the feeling of being unloved.  The cross is a constant reminder of God’s amazing love for us.  Don’t overlook or turn away from His symbol of love.  Receive it and relish in its significance.

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