It’s Still Okay to Say “Merry Christmas!”

Christmas Eve is only rivaled by black Friday as the busiest shopping day of the year.  Many of us will be out tomorrow scurrying about frantically trying to finish up our Christmas shopping lists.   While you are shopping, don’t forget to say Merry Christmas.  Even if they greet you with “Happy Holidays” respond back with “Merry Christmas”!

It is interesting that in the Rasmussen Report’s national telephone survey for 2011, 70% of American adults like stores to use signs that say “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays” when they are shopping.   Even though the Atheists and the politically correct crowd clamor loudly for religion to be removed from public life and be relegated to the church house, the vast majority of Americans still like “Merry Christmas”.

In any other arena, a 70% acceptance margin is considered a super majority.  We elect Presidents and congressman with less approval.  In a day when our nation is so polarized, a 70% agreement on anything would be considered amazing, but yet it is still seen as unacceptable.  Christian, it is still fitting to say “Merry Christmas” even if it wasn’t so accepted!  Confidently share the true meaning of Christmas as you going about your busyness today and tomorrow.

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