LAMPS Youth Group (Grade 7-12)


Our families are daily met with the onslaught of worldly temptations and evil snares. But there is a light that pierces the darkness and brings with it great hope! That light is the Lord Jesus Christ and in a world where students find little hope; He brings everlasting hope. L.A.M.P.S. (Loudly Adoring My Personal Savior) youth group strives to help students know and walk in the light of Christ. Also equipping them to take that light and share it with others to have an eternal impact in this world. Our focus is biblical preaching that helps them know the truth in an uncertain world. They are challenged and equipped to live for Christ so their light may shine brighter. Encouraged is a friendly atmosphere with exciting activities in which students can have pure fun without all the additives like: addiction, guilt, unwanted pregnancy, infection, shame, arrest, or pain. Giving their light a warm, inviting glow that appeals to those looking for something different. LAMPS youth group meets in the youth room during our midweek service.


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