“Not Done”

30 years ago, the congregation from the merger of Eastside Missionary Baptist Church and Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, known at that time as Eastside Unity Missionary Baptist Church, decided to change their name to Cornerstone Baptist Church in anticipation of their move to the present property on Miller Road.  At that time, few would have dreamed of what God would do in and through Cornerstone.  These past 30 years have been overflowing with God’s richest blessings!  Long-time members have been able to witness the great spiritual and numerical growth, the enduring and friendly spirit, and the faithful stance to God and His Word.   Many have been able to be a part of the continued expanse of the facilities and land, watching this building go from its original design to what it is today.

In our enjoyment of the memories of where we have come from to where we are now, it is tempting to think that we have arrived and to wonder what more could be done.  In our amazement, we must realize that God is “Not Done” with Cornerstone!  Our best years are still “forward”, if we will continue to put our hand to the plow, as we have done in the past.  It is a joy to look backward and revel in what God has accomplished, but it is even more joyous to think what God can do in our future years together with the strong foundation that has been laid.  God is not done; let us not be done!

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