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Outside of our detailed practical and numerical goals as a church, we have set a course this year that everything we do would be sifted through the two ideals of worshiping God and reaching people.  I believe the expectations of the believer and the local Church can be boiled down to these to directives.

A true worshipper of God will desire to love God with all of his heart, strive to serve Him with all of his might, order his life to walk with Him wherever He leads, and submit in obedience to all that He commands.   A “soulwinner” or one who reaches people will strive to love his neighbor, family, and church as himself, to guard his tongue, testimony, attitude and actions by living a holy life, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to exemplify his Savior in every area of his life.

All too often, we can get caught up with a lot of good things that choke out the best things.  Worshipping God and reaching people are the best things that we can be doing!  Will you take a moment each day this year and consider what you are focusing on?  Are you so concerned with self and security that you are missing out on your greatest responsibilities of worshipping God and reaching people?  God has promised that if we would seek first His kingdom and His righteousness all the things that we are hoping for will be added unto us.  You will never lose when you set your heart to worship God and reach people.  May the Lord accomplish this course in us!

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