Please Be In Prayer!

The month of April is an exciting month with our two morning services in full swing, the building project dinner, Easter Sunday, the spring evangelism campaign, and the Bearing Precious Seed project on May 1st – 3rd.  April is an awesome opportunity to fulfill our vision of Influencing Our World.  Will you pray with me to see God do great things this month?  Will you become even more involved and invite someone to church this month?

Please be in prayer for our two services, that the Lord will bless them, allowing us to reach more people for Jesus Christ.  Pray for the building project dinner and the financing of the new addition.  Pray that God would bless the Easter program, so that many souls will come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Pray for the spring evangelism campaign, that we will be able to reach every house in our community with a packet of information about Cornerstone and the gospel of Christ.  Pray for the Bearing Precious Seed project, that the John and Romans that we put together will the change the lives of those that receive them.

Prayer is the power that will make a difference in all activities that we will do.  Please pray!   May we not accomplish this month in our own strength and ability, but may we move the heart of a mighty God to go before us preparing the way!

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