The Awana Truth and Training program is for children in the third through the sixth grades. As the name suggests, it is designed to teach children to study the word of God, apply it to their everyday lives, and train them to serve Christ in all they do. At Cornerstone, we have a fun and interactive program that will change the children’s hearts and lives. We have many fun-filled activities planned for special ‘theme’ nights throughout the year. Our clubbers enjoy annually participating in the Awana Grand Prix and the Awana Quiz Bowl (both held on campus), as well as the Awana Games (off-site where we compete against other local churches).

A regular night of T&T consists of:

Opening ceremonies:  In the opening ceremony we say pledges, share announcements on upcoming events, and dismiss in prayer.

Game time:  Children are equally divided into four teams. We play many different and exciting team oriented games on the Awana Game Circle; many of which are played in the Awana Games

Handbook time:  The handbooks each contain important lessons based on biblical truth, helping kids answer important questions like “How does God want me to live my life?”. They learn to memorize these verses and apply them in their daily lives.

  • By the end of four years, children could have worked through all four handbooks of increasing difficulty, memorizing about 310 verses.

Counsel time:  Clubbers have fun singing interactive songs and competing in bible drills which encourages them to learn the books of the Bible in an entertaining way. We also have a Bible lesson with a clear Gospel message provided by T&T Leaders, the Pastors of Cornerstone, deacons, as well as other church leaders. At the end of the night awards are presented!

 T&T Boys & Girls Directors

Lee & Tammy Allmon


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